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January 2014

Mohammad Anas Wahaj | 31 jan 2014

Customers are becoming more aware and knowledgeable about the products and services that are provided by companies and expect customer service to attend them effectively, efficiently and with an understanding approach. In a highly competitive business environment companies are using all possible resources to acquire and retain customers, and are trying to restrict them to switch to other comparable brands. Customer service is at the forefront of this customer acquisition and retention process. But all companies aren't able to provide proactive customer service and are still stuck in the older methods of reactive customer service. Article provides detailed example of a customer service delivery process by two companies, one of them is a CDN (Content Delivery Network) and the other a managed hosting service provider, serving the same client. The hosting provider has proactive approach (frequent and continued communication of the problem's status and step by step explanation of the solution process) while CDN had a reactive approach (only responding to client messages without providing assurance of solving the problem or trying to find a way to tackle it). Author also provides some basic steps that fulfil the requirement of a proactive customer service approach - Have processes that track potential problems before customers know them; Automate customer contact when a problem alert happens and manually evaluate severity of problem; Communicate humanly and effectively with customers when problem is identified; Don't keep users in the dark and share with them the solution process; Engage all possible communication channels and utilize the ones that customer prefers and is comfortable with. Read on...

ClickZ: Proactive vs. Reactive Customer Service
Author: Jack Aaronson

Mohammad Anas Wahaj | 25 jan 2014

According to the recent research brief by MediaPost, online advertising is still lagging behind substantially in terms of total ad spending by global firms in the first six months of 2013 - TV (57.6%), Newspapers (18.9%), Magazines (10%), Radio (5.4%), Internet (4.3%), Outdoor (3.5%), Cinema (0.3%). But what is to be noted here is that TV ads cost substantially more than any other media. Another important fact that is found in the data provided by Nielsen is the fastest growth of the internet-based advertising spend globally during the same period - Internet (26.6%), Outdoor (5%), TV (4.2%), Magazines (-1.9%), Newspapers (-2%). The rise in online advertising is even higher in Asia-Pacific (43%) and Latin American (38.5%) countries. Read on...

Examiner: The most hyped advertising medium is the world's third smallest
Author: Bruce Goldman

Mohammad Anas Wahaj | 25 jan 2014

Technological advancements and innovations bring game changing shifts in the dynamics of industries. Data science is transforming the online advertising industry with newer concepts and technologies like real-time bidding, advertising exchanges, social media, retargeting techniques, lookalike targeting, online data dashboards, analytics softwares like Hadoop etc. Technology have also led to the democratization of online advertising, and even businesses with smaller advertising budgets are been able to utilize it. Use of big data and analytics is providing advertisers with information, insights and tools to focus on specific consumers and market segments for better value and return on their advertising campaigns. But to interpret and utilize the data in right context and for maximum impact, newer set of skills are required by advertising human resources. Data scientists are expected to have knowledge of mathematics and statistics alongwith expertise in using spreadsheets and other analytics tools. Read on...

the guardian: What's the role of data scientists on online advertising?
Author: Tony Evans

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