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October 2013

Mohammad Anas Wahaj | 29 oct 2013

With advancements in analytics technologies and availability of big data, marketers have valuable tools and information on various aspects of customer interaction with their businesses. This information can be used to get insights and generate ideas for delivering better products and services. Moreover it can provide an opportunity to experiment and validate ideas at faster pace (accelerated business innovation). All this is creating new principles and dynamics of market behavior and giving rise to a new science, 'Customer Science'. To better observe, analyze and understand customer behavior and apply it for the benefit of businesses and customers, requires talented and skilled pool of 'Customer Scientists'. These scientists may not all come from the traditional marketing fields and would need to be diverse in skills - analytical, cumputer literate, digital natives, creative and thoughtful at the same time factual and pragmatic. Moreover knowledge of all the principles and methods of the past for analyzing and understanding customers and obtaining learning lessons like outcome driven innovation, balanced scorecard, GOAL, Six Sigma etc are now being utilized by enterprises to obtain insights from customer data and this will finally evolve into a mature field of customer science in future. Read on...

Business 2 Community: Birth of the Customer Scientist
Author: Ian Tomlin

Mohammad Anas Wahaj | 15 oct 2013

Social media's success as a communication tool during Arab Spring has initiated its use as a marketing tool for businesses in Middle-East countries. Companies are adopting various social media platforms to connect and interact with their current and potential customers. But the challenge is to manage the social media strategy correctly and efficiently as it has very powerful dynamics to share and propagate information. Businesses should tread with caution and care as mistakes can become a big public relations fiasco. In UAE few companies learnt it the hard way when they posted careless, insensitive and unprofessional comments leading to a negative and strong reaction from customers and public. Read on...

Gulf Business: Tough Lessons - How Not To Manage Social Media
Author: Aarti Nagraj

Mohammad Anas Wahaj | 14 oct 2013

With global expansion of businesses and readily available social media tools to connect, interact and build relationships with customers and businesses across the world it has become necessary for organizations and businesses to have an international focused social media strategy at place. The challenge is to successfully manage multiple social media platforms for maximum value. The article recommends - Do a thorough website analytics to understand user statistics and know where the target audiences are located both physically and virtually; Before investing time and money in managing multiple accounts (country specific, language specific) ensure understanding of the user connection and interaction on your social media main account in the English language; To make user engagement more efficient and targeted post focused, specific and original content on your social media profiles; Be patient and persistent with your international social media strategy as it takes time to evolve and provide desired results. Read on...

Business 2 Community: How To Develop An International Social Media Campaign
Author: Sam Lowe

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