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July 2023

Mohammad Anas Wahaj | 31 jul 2023

The research study, 'Leveraging Multi-tier Healthcare Facility Network Simulations for Capacity Planning in a Pandemic' (Authors: Varun Ramamohan, of Indian Institute of Technology Delhi; Navonil Mustafee of University of Exeter Business School; Karan Madan of All India Institute of Medical Sciences - AIIMS; Shoaib Mohd of IIT Delhi), published in the journal Socio-Economic Planning Sciences (Aug 2023), demonstrates how a network-based modelling and simulation approach utilising generic modelling principles can - (1) Quantify the extent to which the existing facilities in the PHS (Public Health System) can effectively cope with the forecasted COVID-19 caseload; (2) Inform decisions on capacity at makeshift COVID-19 Care Centres (CCC) to handle patient overflows. Moreover, the research demonstrates how multi-tier healthcare facility network simulations can be leveraged for capacity planning in health crises. The simulation tool developed by researchers analyses emergency handling capacity of a particular region's health infrastructure, and provides details like number of health centres in an area, bed availability, ICU facility, ventilators, oxygen, medicine supply and available number of healthcare workers. Prof. Varun Ramamohan, the lead researcher of the study, says, 'In Delhi there are often shortages of beds during peak of dengue, so our tool can be used for effective planning of operational responses.' Read on...

The Times of India: Researchers develop tool for health emergencies
Author: Shreya Ghosh

Mohammad Anas Wahaj | 29 jul 2023

Machines are designed to perform tasks and solve human problems. Their capabilities range from very large/heavy work to very tiny nano-level mechanisms. French philosopher René Descartes influenced advancements in machine design and development through his ideas on human body and machines. Further progress in physics and mathematics led to the formalization of the study of Mechanical Engineering. Prof. Sudipto Mukherjee of IIT-Delhi provides details on the study of mechanical engineering and the careers that can be pursued in the field. He says, 'It is important to have a good relationship with computers early in your career. But as you seek to enhance human abilities and empower society, the first requirement is to have social skills such as interpersonal abilities and empathy. Mechanical engineering is the right choice if you are passionate about solving physical challenges faced by humans in today‚Äôs world. The knowledge needed to provide solutions will come as you progress through a solid mechanical engineering curriculum, starting from identifying needs and ending with delivering the final product.' He further explains what training is provided to those who pursue study in specific fields of mechanical engineering like machine design, industrial engineering etc. Pursuing entrepreneurship, and furthering career in management and business administration are attractive options for mechanical engineers. Prof. Mukherjee points out, 'The world of mechanical engineering is not deterministic, meaning it does not operate based on specific occurrences, It works with expected values, such as statistical means and variance...Mechanical engineering is perhaps the only engineering discipline that sees designing with failure as an integral part of the design process and recognises that it is inevitable...It is worth noting that sometimes mechanical components replace failing human joints and organs...Mechanical engineering is a good playing field for those who have empathy, an outward-looking mindset, resilience, and some mathematical skills.' Read on...

The Indian Express: From entrepreneurship to design, mechanical engineering provides multiple opportunities, writes IIT Delhi professor
Author: Sudipto Mukherjee

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